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Introducing Our Classic design Insulated Panel roof Aluminum Pergola.


Elevate your outdoor living experience with our Insulated Panel Aluminum Pergola. Crafted with polished, professional finish, this high-quality aluminum patio cover promises years of maintenance-free protection.


Durability Beyond Compare:
Say goodbye to worries about rust, warping, cracking, rotting, or insect infestations. Our insulated panel aluminum pergolas are engineered to stand the test of time, ensuring a pristine appearance year after year.


Effortless Maintenance:
Bid farewell to the hassle of restaining, reshingling, or resealing your patio cover. Our insulated panels are designed for minimal maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space.


All-Weather Protection:
These permanent insulated patio covers not only shield against rain and snow but also act as a barrier to heat transfer. Experience up to 15 degrees cooler temperatures during scorching summer days, creating a comfortable haven in your outdoor oasis.


Customizable Elegance:
Tailor your outdoor haven to perfection. Our Insulated Panel Aluminum Pergolas are available in nearly any dimension, with a spectrum of colors and options to complement your unique taste and style.

Discover the pinnacle of outdoor sophistication and functionality with our Insulated Panel Aluminum Pergola. Transform your space with a product that seamlessly combines aesthetic appeal, durability, and comfort.


  • Prices are per sqft and vary based on project size – the larger the project, the lower the price per sqft.
  • Available in any custom size to suit your needs.


Everything to know about this model:

  • Free Standing/Attached to the house
  • All Weather resitance
  • 10 yeras Warranty
  • Insulated 3” paneling
  • Color Options:  White / Bronze
  • 6″ Gutter System
  • 3″x3″Aluminum Posts
  • 2”x5” Powder Coated Aluminum Beam
  • 8 ft Height



Classic Aluminum Pergola- Insulated Panel Roof

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    • Enjoy a complimentary home visit before placing your order to fully understand your needs, take measurements, and provide you with a 3D visualization and detailed quote Prior to purchase.
    • Price shown does not include installation and city permits (where applicable) , please schedule a home visit to receive a detailed installation and full-service quote.
    • City permit services are available where required.


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