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Introducing our cutting-edge motorized screens, designed to function as outdoor blinds and shades, offering a perfect blend of privacy and protection against the elements.

These innovative additions seamlessly enhance the aesthetic appeal for your outdoor space while complementing the Pergola Roof or awning systems.

Fully enclosing your patio, balcony, or terrace, these screens can be effortlessly retracted using a convenient remote control.

Engineered to withstand formidable winds of up to 50 miles, ersatile and stylish solution for your outdoor needs.


  • Prices are per sqft and vary based on project size – the larger the project, the lower the price per sqft.
  • Available in any custom size to suit your needs, with a delivery time of 8-12 weeks.


Everything to know about this model:

  • Motorized
  • Remote controled
  • All Weather resitance
  • 10 yeras Warranty

Motorized Zip Screens

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